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This blog records my adventures in New York City as I start a career in teaching! 

That being said, there are many different 'focuses' of my work here. I used to blog about my experience as a full time volunteer, but since that's ended my blog is in the jumble of figuring out what it 'is now.' It's going through an identity crisis AHHH!!!

 The following list is intended to help guide you through my blog as far as what each part means in my daily life. On the right hand side of my blog are the different labels my posts generally fall under. 

NYC Lifestyle: This is when I blog about what its like living in NYC. This may include things that typical New Yorkers do, new things I've tried, or just my usual daily life stuff. 

NYCTF: This stands for "New York City Teaching Fellows," which is the program I am part of that has started my teaching career.  My blog posts that include this label are related to anything I blog about that is tied to fellows so whether it was orientation over the summer or something else.

Brooklyn: I live in Brooklyn and I love it! Whenever I blog about my experience in Brooklyn or other typical Brooklyn experiences I label it with Brooklyn.

NYC: This again is anything that ties into being part of or involved with NYC. Its obviously a rather large general category so the things in this label tend to be broad as well.

Travel: I love traveling! I like to go explore new and different places and when I do I like to share these experiences. In fact, I'm planning a trip to Japan this spring break to visit one of my good friends.

Hurricane Sandy: Yes, I was in NYC during the hurricane and I blogged about some of that experience as well. Take a look at some of the photos from around my area.

NYC Schools: Simply stated, NYC schools are a mess. Really. It's unreal the issues and amount of disorganization that exists in New York City schools. Sometimes I blog about it, but I try to remain under the radar most of the time.

Things NYC Students Say: I live with 3 other teachers, we share the ridiculous things our kids say on a daily basis and I thought I'd be fun to share that with my readers! We all work in very different settings and demographics, which can make for very interesting dialogue.

Last Updated: 10/31/2012

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