Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Things I have grown to love about my Students

As the school year comes to a close I find myself in a strange place of grieving. It's bittersweet watching my students grow up, seeing their skills develop, and getting to know each unique personality. Even though there were times when the senior class and I did not see eye to eye, we are finally making it to the end of the school year together.

Here's some of the things I love or have grown to love about my students:

The moodiness of some of my teenagers and how they communicate this with other teenagers. (An otherwise incredibly calm student screaming: "GET OUT OF MY SEAT!!!!!! I AM IN NO MOOD TO DEAL WITH THIS" to the boy who lovingly pesters her.

The student who joins along in my sing along's during class. (Yes, sometimes I sing to get their attention).

The one student in the whole class who gets my sense of humor and laughs at my jokes when the rest of the class looks up at me confused. It's like our own exclusive humor club.

The student who trusts me enough to share a memoir she's written.
The student who brings me muffins or coffee any time she is late and says "I'm sorry.. I'm sorry" a million times while bowing, when we both know she's not sorry.
The other student who is always on time who shares part of her breakfast with me, because she doesn't want to eat it. 

The emotionally disturbed student who randomly screams "FUCK" in the middle of class for no apparent reason or throws markers across the room... who also likes to announce to anyone at any time how much he enjoys sex. (yes, this is my life.)

The brilliant ADHD student that I always use to gauge my lessons. If he's on task 100% of the time it means the work load is just the right amount of challenging. Not too hard, but not too easy - if it's either of those he is OFF the wall outrageous.
The student who knew barely any English at the beginning of the year who can now form small sentences in English to communicate.

Sharing ridiculous music with the class that inevitably makes them all groan...... "NO don't make us listen to this!! This is AWFUL!!!" (Sometimes I use banjo music as a classroom management tool.. to get them to be quiet). I find it so amusing, it's like the worst possible punishment for teenagers.

The students who say "Ms. H you look like a vampire when you are angry. You know... Bella from twilight, and how she doesn't smile. That's you. But you don't sparkle." 

The student who compliments my new clothes with an over powering amount of enthusiasm.

The student who likes to make up stories about my dating life. 
Student: "Ms. H are you ok?"
Me: "yeah I'm fine! why?"
Student: "oh well I heard you were seeing this guy and things were getting serious so he took you to meet/pick up his mom at the airport. AND he took you in a CAB!!! Then when you got there he introduced you to his mom as a "friend" and you got mad and slapped him in front of his mother!"
Me: That is quite the story. I don't know whats worse, you making up stories about my love life, or the fact you think I'd slap a guy in front of his mother.
Seriously though.. this kid makes up monthly scenarios about my life.

The student who says "Ms. H never change your hair. I like it red it brings out a glow in you." 

The student who innocently without realizing it says something really inappropriate to me, which causes his buddies to laugh, and causes his face to turn bright red and apologize profusely for the next 10 minutes.
The student who is always so happy and chipper who always says "good morning" in the most upbeat way regardless of the weather or whatever else going on. 
The students who convince me that I need to go travel to their home country. 

The student who annoyingly and obnoxiously insists that I should bake food for the class. 
How my students have expressed great interest that I join them for their prom.

I have really grown to love a large majority my students. I find them incredibly interesting and like being part of their lives. We have learned so much from each other!
 They are my first batch of students and I'm sure I will reflect back on our times together often. I will miss them.. and yes even the annoying ones. 

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  1. Your blog never fails to put a smile on my face.