Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beginning Adventures in NYC

Brooklyn Library.
Whew. Ever since I arrived here in NYC it has been a non-stop adventure full of numerous new experiences!! I have been running all around the city and am rarely in my apartment except to eat (sometimes), sleep, or talk on the phone. I essentially have about 2 weeks to be a 'tourist' before my program kicks into full swing. Don't let this deceive you though, I have plenty to keep me busy with my upcoming certification exams to pass, pre-training exercises, and a full text book to read before the program starts. Joy. Today I locked myself in the Brooklyn Library with 10+ hours of studying. I haven't done that since I was an undergrad!

On to more interesting things.. I thought I'd list a few of my first impressions of New York City.

1. New York City is dirty. Don't let people tell you otherwise. It really is a very dirty place. I know the movies like to make it look all glamorous.. but really it's just one big dirty city. 

Big Dirty City. At a Subway Station.

These ALMOST came home with me.
2. New Yorkers LOVE their fashion. This is probably not a surprise to anyone familiar with NYC. It has so many designers, stores, and in general good looking well dressed people. I sense that I will become a much more fashionable person just because I will be living here. In fact when I was walking around Manhattan in a t-shirt and jeans I felt incredibly stupid because I was so out of place. It's not the New York way and nobody but tourists dress that way ESPECIALLY in Manhattan. So I made a mental note of that and bought 2 dresses to compromise. I have a feeling I will be wearing a lot of skirts and dresses this summer. :)

Also a source of amusement were some of the advertisements on the subway. I thought I'd share them with you:

NYC: Where people accept your beliefs, but judge your shoes. 

New Yorkers don't think they're better than everyone else. They just dress like they do.

I found this highly amusing probably because this really isn't that far off the truth! 
You'd think you are in San Francisco, but you're in Bay Ridge!

3. New Yorkers and the diversity in accents. Ok so this was actually a very NEW experience for me. On the subway Elise and I would talk and I got the sense that people were looking at me and I couldn't figure out why. (did I look funny? Was it obvious I'm new... what was it!?!) Well finally someone came up to me and said, "Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, where is your accent from? I haven't heard it before." Uhhhh..... West coast.. Washington State. "OH yeah we don't get many people from there around here."  

On the flip side, however, there are SO MANY accents that I have never heard before! I tried out a church in Bay Ridge Sunday and the pastor had such a thick Brooklyn accent I had a hard time taking him seriously. I  know that sounds awful, but my only previous experience of a Brooklyn accent was from the movie The Untouchables where Al Capone has a thick Brooklyn accent (he was born and raised here). I mean there's just something extremely odd about hearing a pastor say "the WORD of God" in a really heavy Brooklyn accent. It was a lovely service though and I made a friend/acquaintance who is also looking for a new church. Ironically she said she knew I was new because of my accent and that drew her toward me since she was also a visitor. Which brings the following question to mind: do I to try and blend in with the dialect around here or not?!?

Anyway since life has been off to lightening speed and there is SO much to blog about and realizing that I cannot blog about ALL of it I thought I'd pose the question to my readers, What would you like to hear about my NYC experiences so far? 

I really do have TONS of stories about all of it so I'll list off some of the things I've been up to the past few days: Coney Island, Shopping in Manhattan (SoHo), Little Italy, Chinatown, subway rides (in general), Bay Ridge Neighborhood/church experience, Prospect Park Farmer's Market, Nation's Oldest Memorial Day Parade, delicious Food Trucks, Union Square (the Barnes and Noble has FOUR stories!!), my immediate neighborhood, off-broadway play Potted Potter/Times Square, and downtown Brooklyn.

Leave a comment and I'll see what I can write up on my next study break!!


  1. Here's what I would like to know just out of curiousity: We have all heard of the stereotypical "rude New Yorker" it's often voted the rudest city in the world. I have always wondered if that were true. How have you found the people to be thus far?

    1. I was thinking I'd write a post on "New Yorkers Hospitality" or something like that because, yes, it's very different from the "Minnesota nice" I grew accustom to in college.

  2. I am curious about all the neighborhoods. I see that much of Brooklyn is more than 75% black. Is it uncomfortable being white in a black neighborhood? I am curious on the different sights and feelings of the neighborhoods, also about little things like shopping, architecture, coney island, the ocean, downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn University,etc. You know me I am a knowledge sponge. Don't feel obligated but if you are in the mood feed me.