Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That's SO country.

Cornfield in MN not far from my college.
My housemates both grew up in suburbs of large cities and I did not. Every once in a while they will comment on how certain ideas/things I do/stories I have "are so country." I am always taken back by these comments like... "oh?.... other people don't do things like this?"

I don't think I've ever had anyone point out my rural upbringings before. This didn't happen in college either because my school was out in the middle of nowhere rural Minnesota. Sure there were a lot of students from the Twin Cities and suburbs, but one didn't have to walk far from campus before they experienced endless fields of corn.

Last night I discovered a new thing that classified me as "so country" and I thought it was utterly bizarre. In the middle of discussing how we were going to spend our weekly community time together the idea of going out to get ice-cream was brought up. We've done this before in the past and in effort to spice up the experience I said enthusiastically,

"Why don't we make homemade ice-cream!" (I thought this was the best idea EVER.)

Instead, Jeremy and Lauren both busted up laughing, too which I replied...

One method I've used to make homemade ice-cream.

"WHAT!?! Have you NEVER made homemade ice-cream before? I'm not talking about the type where you mix the ice-cream batter and stick it in an ice-cream maker... I'm talking about the grab an empty coffee can and some ice and roll it back and forth forever until it makes ice cream! It's really good!"

They laughed some more and said, "Did you make your own butter too?" 

I told them "No!! We didn't have dairy cows!"

Then I discovered they NEVER did this for fun in science class growing up either. What a shame this is! That was a classic part of my childhood. Even in Minnesota we made homemade ice-cream! (Sure it was with the physics department and liquid nitrogen... but still!)

Things you learn.

Anyway, this started me thinking about my own country upbringing and what others mean when they say "That's so country!" As I'm learning it's definitely different culturally from my housemate's upbringing in the suburbs. Tomorrow I plan to post on the some of the things my housemates have commented on this year that make me 'so country,' because really I don't consider myself 'that country' but they seem to think otherwise.  

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  1. I am definitely looking forward to the post about some of the things that thy have commented on as 'so country' haha. I am from a rural area myself and I often find myself the object of people's good-natured jabs as well!