Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poetry in the Park

 I spent my lunch hour reading poetry out loud in the park with a small group of friends/acquaintances yesterday for National Poetry Month. The event made me very excited to start writing poetry again since I haven't done that in ages! After the event, I even pulled up some of my old poems and realized there was still room for potential and not all is lost after all.   

*** Flashback to College***

I love the way truth in poetry bends like light entering a prism leaving in rainbows. So I tried to experiment poetry in lab without goggles. But there was no procedure and effort does not measure when it comes to carefully articulating the right word on the page. I am not a word person- I read in pictures and formulas. 

Translation from my large, internal picture thoughts, to the right order of cold, hard, dry, letters so the world could see my thoughts is not the canvas I prefer for expression. I should have been an artist.

I stared out the window in my creative writing class because it was better than staring at the clock. 

The professor didn't know my name, maybe because I live inside my colorful, imaginative head, but he always said in his authoritative professor voice,"your writing sounds really technical don't you think?" YES of course I think that! Hello I was not born on this planet yesterday, but I'm trying to communicate in your language. 

So I sank in my seat and watched students walk from Vickner Hall to Olin and pretended that they were walking bottles of potential that might mature into a fine wine.... maybe- it was still debatable.Would they be the same if I were to hypothetically take a drink from each of their bottles testing to see if they were refined? Probably not. Once people meet you they are rarely the same. Unless you sit in a class where no one knows your name.

I withdrew from the class, and I needed to read more poetry. That way an older version of myself could reverse engineer my thoughts. Pictures to words. Words to pictures. Pictures to words and back again. Then someday when I'm out and about I can hand people my card and it will say:

I need to read more poetry. 

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  1. I am really excited to read some of your poetry. It's apparent, just from reading this blog, that you're a very talented writer. By the way, I love the way you worded this: "I love the way truth in poetry bends like light entering a prism leaving in rainbows". Beautiful