Monday, March 19, 2012

Breaking into the Twitter World

How Twitter Helps my Blog

I originally got a twitter account to place myself right in the heart of education news only to realize the added benefits that it meant for my blog!! I've linked my blog with my twitter account which means every time I blog it uploads directly to twitter. This means as I gain followers more people will see my blog and traffic on my blog will increase! It opens my blog up to new audiences. YES. I like this idea. I don't know why I didn't do this before!

Ok so what benefit does this mean for my loyal readers back home?

Well every time you visit my blog on the right hand side of the page there will be a box of my 3 latest twitter feeds sharing my humor, wisdom, and thoughts in 140 characters or less. Since I have an iPhone I can literally update twitter feeds anytime of the day at my convenience, which means less hassle for me. And.. if you are on the email subscription for my blog no worries, nothing changes, just know that when you do visit my blog link you can check out my Twitter feed on the right.

Why I use Twitter

To stay informed. The majority of the people I follow are people involved with education policy, reform, politicians, and news from all angles. I figure if I can't be a teacher there is no reason for me to know EVERYTHING I can about what is going on in the education world. That way when my shining moment comes I will be ready with the facts, stories, opinions, and holding a wealth of knowledge that will make me unstoppable. At least that is the idea.

When it comes to Twitter I do make personal exceptions to follow people who I think are truly wonderful human beings too (friends/family/etc) aside from education stuff. :)

For those with a Twitter account follow me at @teachmecourage.

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