Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An October Port Huron Water Tour

Today was what any early October day should be: warm and beautiful. It reminded me of the glorious fall days in the Willamette Valley after a weekend of rainfall which would explode the moisture into crisp clean air at the sight of the sun. My neighborhood has turned into bouquet of orange and red. I started off  my morning walk to work breathing in the richness of change fall brings.

On my way to work!
Having finished what I needed to do for the day I took a walk around Port Huron to soak in the beauty of autumn. I started off my journey going to the Maritime center a few blocks from my house. You can see Canada across from the St. Claire river.

St. Claire River (that's Canada.. I see it every day)

Maritime Center, where the Boat Nerds hang out.. they make announcements when the freighters go by saying where its from, what its carrying, where its going.. etc. 
 I thought about sticking around for a while to wait for a freighter to go by so I could take a picture of it.. but I can do that any day so I decided not to and continued on with my walk.

To the left is the Black River which empties out into the St. Claire right here... the land on the right is Canada.
This is the Black River emptying into the St. Clair again.. if you look carefully you can see the difference in colors between the two rivers. The black river is much darker.. you can't really see it here but it's true.

The Black River facing Port Huron

I'm standing on the Military/Main Street Bridge. The left is one of the Breweries in the area. We haven't visited yet but we've heard good things.  

Other side of the Military/Main Street Bridge

Downtown area

More downtown...
 I decided to follow Black River.. I was kind of trying to find the Thomas Edison area.. meaning I knew it was in the general area somewhere but wasn't terribly concerned with actually finding it. (Thomas Edison grew up in Port Huron.)
More water!

Walking along the boats..

There's a lot of geese...

A LOT of geese. Also, the buildings in the background are the community college here in Port Huron.. its right on the water too.

Then I decided to start heading back home....

The tall building on the left is where I do some of my senior programing stuff. I live about 4 blocks from here.

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