Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Decorating!

Our neighborhood gets pretty festive for Halloween. Well... I suppose I should rephrase that, I'm not used to living in a neighborhood more or less one that decorates for holidays. Our next door neighbors have spiderwebs, spiders, corn stalks, and many other fun festival type things scattered throughout their front lawn and porch. I've been making an extra effort to chat with them whenever I see them as they told Jeremy they thought I was very shy. I suppose they have a good reason to think this because I'm not used to the whole "hey neighbor, what's happening" normal social interaction that's expected. (I grew up in the country where my nearest neighbor was half a mile away). SO, I've been working on building a relationship with them. I'm thrilled to share that they even shared some of their extra decorations with us when I commented how plain our own house was compared to theirs. 

Needless to say their creativity got us going and now in addition to their decorations, we also carved pumpkins and set them on our porch ledge to greet the neighborhood. The pumpkins really help make our house feel like a cozy autumn home and makes me excited for Halloween. I can't wait for all the trick-er-treaters we have in our area!!!
My pumpkin, Jeremy's pumpkin, and Lauren's pumpkin.

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